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  "...Bell manages a presence and strength of a
consummate front man."
  -Jay Irwin, BROADWAY WORLD  
  "...equally important that he be authentic and sincere, and he [Bell] manages that with ease and confidence. It always feels like it is the storyteller's voice telling the story, and never a performer".  

-Nancy Worssam, Arts Stage - Seattle Rage

"... And when the play’s emotional heft lands on his shoulders alone in the final moments, he [Bell] carries it to the end, capping an impressive performance."

-M. Baumgarten

"LeRoy Bell is cast brilliantly..."


LeRoy embarks on a NEW ADVENTURE...
Starring in the Tony Award-Winning Musical...


June 8, 2014 - June 29, 2014

ACT Theatre - Seattle (Northwest Premiere)


Book and Lyrics by Stew
Music by Stew and Heidi Rodewald
Created in collaboration with Annie Dorsen








Starring LeRoy Bell (The X Factor), this award-winning Off-Broadway hit is finally taking the Seattle stage. 
Passing Strange
 is a daring musical that follows a young black musician on his journey of self-discovery from his
middle-class roots in Los Angeles to Amsterdam, Berlin, and back. Rock music drives a tale of sex, drugs, humor,
and heartbreak in this show that’s light on “showtunes” but big on heart. more information

“Call it a rock concert with a story to tell, trimmed with a lot of great jokes. Or call it a sprawling work
of performance art, complete with angry rants and scary drag queens. Call it whatever you want,
really. I’ll just call it wonderful…” —
The New York Times

Music Director: Jose Gonzales
Choreographer: Crystal Dawn Munkers
Scenic Designer: Martin Christoffell
Sound Designer: Robertons Witmer

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